Your windows are your eyes to the world outside your home, as well as to those on the outside looking in. Just as your own eyes make a fashion statement, your windows should as well. Some people want to sell you treatments for your windows, as if they suffered from some chronic disease, but chances are all they need is to more accurately reflect your own unique style. Since styling your windows is often one of the last and most difficult steps in styling your home, it’s all the more important that you get it right. At Expressions by Jan Guigue, we see possibilities where others might see problems because in the final analysis, it’s not about the window, it is about you. Whether your style is elegant, sophisticated, practical, whimsical, or bold, helping you to discover and express your style is what we do best. When we say “style your windows, love your home”, we mean exactly what we say, because no one styles windows like Jan.